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How To Identify A Qualified Car Technician

At this age and day, you can probably come across tons of websites and pages on search engine which talk about marketing claims. Also, the word ‘qualified’ is probably seen everywhere. However, one needs to ensure that they cross check and qualify the claims before hiring any service from any online shop.  

When it comes to something vital, such as safety of your car servicing, you need to ensure that you do check the word ‘qualified’ on their site. In today’s topic we are going to go through some effective tips which will help you to understand whether or not a technician is qualified. Before you hire repairing and routine checkup sessions for your car, do check that you are handing the responsibilities of your car in responsible hands. Even though there are tons of car service providers, you need to ensure that you only trust qualified professionals.  


One of the most effective ways to find a skilled Drouin mechanic is by checking whether or not they have undertaken any apprenticeship course, which would be of four years. This is one great way to learn about the work. The Go A Grade technician at this time goes through both off-the-job and on-the-job training, in a professional technicians’ work setting. All of this gets supported through the formal learning provided by TAFE.  

Pre-apprentice studies 

Studies in their high school are allowed to pursue with pre-apprenticeship studies in areas, such as vehicle servicing, care and maintenance and motor technicians. Usually, these courses replace a traditional school subject. It may also lessen the tenure and the student will be able to become a qualified technician much faster.  

Certificate courses 

In the area of motor technicians, a completed apprenticeship is known to be as a gold standard in qualification. If one only has a certificate in hand, that would not be enough to consider one as a qualified and well-skilled technician. Even if a technician is qualified, he can add to his skill any effective certificate course. They are accessible in different areas such as electrical appliance engines, repair of car, diesel engine, beating panel, knowing about the body work of the vehicle, and so forth. All of this will be quite effective points to add in one’s resume and speaks volumes about the technician’s skill and experience.  

Motor Industry Association Memberships 

Always try to hunt for vehicle technicians that are part of or members of local trade associations or automobile associations. Even though these would not be considered as ‘qualifications’, they will make you feel safer and confident towards hiring them.  

Experience versus Qualifications 

Anyone who is faced with this setting will always know that there is practically no substitute over experience. On-the-job training does count a lot when it comes to picking a technician, be it from any field. This is the core reason why apprenticeship programs usually include a huge chunk of on-the-job element in the courses that they provide. However, do ensure that you also look at the number of years the technician has been in the industry. The longer they have worked the better should you expect the outcome.  

Things that you need to consider here are listed below: 

Does the technician have a good experience when it comes to handling different vehicle models? Whether or not they have experience and worked on greater numbers of problems. This way, they will be quick in diagnosing any issue. They are skilled in areas of performing routine maintenance, such as servicing of vehicles. This way, they would turn out being more cost effective.  

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