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A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Sadly, the idiom “you get what you pay for” is not just a phrase that salespeople use to try and get business, but is true in reality. About five years ago, my friend demolished his old house and built two double-storey townhouses in its place. He lived in one townhouse and rented out the second one. The only thing he did wrong was that he went for the cheapest builder who built the two townhouses very quickly, but took a long time to respond to enquiries and tend to repairs afterwards. Within the first six months of moving into his townhouse, my friend discovered water leaks in the kitchen ceiling and flooding in the garage every time there was a downpour. It was discovered that these problems were due to shoddy workmanship.

The water leaks in the kitchen ceiling were due to a downpipe channelling water towards the house instead of away from the house. The flooding in the garage was due to no drainage to channel water away from the back door of the garage and a courtyard that sloped towards the garage. After many calls and e-mails, the builder finally rectified the problems more than a year after construction. About another year later, my friend came home to a flooded laundry room. Water was dripping down from the downlights in his laundry room. He tried unsuccessfully to get the builder to come to the house. By the time he called a roof repair Gold Coast, the leak had got worst and there were water stains on his laundry room ceiling.

Why use a professional roof repairer?

The professional roof repairer who went out to inspect my friend’s house discovered more downpipes facing the wrong way, damaged roof tiles, damaged flashings and wrongly installed flashing. Fortunately for my friend, he picked a professional roof repairer who was fully licensed, registered and insured. Unlike the shoddy builder, this professional roof repairer provided quality workmanship, used the best products available, was able to give my friend a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and responded to his calls promptly. My friend decided to not just repair the damage, but also have his roof thermo coated with a heat reflective paint to further protect the roof. The heat reflective coating reflects the sun’s infrared rays away from the house; thereby reducing the amount of heat penetration and keeping the inside of the house cool. By doing this, my friend was able to reduce his energy costs. Before starting work on the roof, the professional roof repairer consulted with my friend to determine his needs and advised him on the best products to create the best finish for his roof.

The professional roof repairer 1) replaced all the damaged tiles; 2) fixed the leaks in the laundry room; 3) resealed the damaged flashings with an exterior water proofer and rectified the errors; and 4) applied a thermo coating to the roof tiles. As far as my friend is concerned, this professional roof repairer saved the day for him because it rained heavily the next day and no water leaks! Now my friend can’t recommend this professional roof repairer highly enough. Besides the above tasks, professional roof repairers also do roof restorations that involve 1) high pressure cleaning to clean the roof back to its original state; 2) application of an anti mould on the roof after high pressure cleaning to prevent future mould growth; 3) repointing work; 4) waterproofing any protrusions through the roof with an exterior membrane water proofer in order to prevent leaks; 5) cleaning gutters; 6) applying one coat of sealer and two top coats of roof membrane paint; 7) colour consultations; 8) installing gutter guard protection to keep leaves and vermins out of the gutter so that clean rainwater can be collected; 9) installing whirly birds (a ventilation system that cools the home during summer by drawing hot air out of the house and warms the house during winter by drawing in warmer air from outside during the day); 10) painting of gutter and facia.

My friend learnt a valuable lesson that cheapest is not always the best. Thanks to the help of professional roof repairers, his townhouse is in the good condition it should have been. Now my friend has a valuable investment and nest egg in these two townhouses which he hopes to bequeath to his two children when he dies; a commendable plan and gesture.