Best Ways to Pitch a Product on Facebook

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Facebook, the social network is still the most widely used in the world. Your brand could technically reach over a billion daily active users on Facebook. Unlike Twitter, Facebook keeps growing and retaining new users. Therefore, the channel is still an advertising powerhouse. It’s absolutely necessary for B2C companies to be on Facebook. Even some B2B brands find success on the social network. With that in mind, check out the following methods for promoting a product on Facebook in the best manner possible: 

Solve a Problem with the Sales Pitch

Users don’t buy a product just because it’s the shiniest or the biggest. Modern buyers expect products to solve a problem in the general sense. For example, if users want to buy cheap sneakers, then they are avoiding more expensive sneakers they cannot afford. Therefore, a successful product promotion for a pair of sneakers on Facebook would mention the need for the low-cost product. As the marketing genius David Ogilvy once said, good advertisers study the product first. Know what benefits the products offer to customers and then formulate the advertisement around these benefits. A decent digital marketing agency would have mastered this art for Facebook. Make sure each of your Facebook product ads includes what’s called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to actually drive conversions.  

Focus on a Single Selling Proposition

Your product may have multiple benefits that could serve as several selling propositions. On Facebook, no one cares about listed benefits. Attention spans of Facebook users are short and at any given time, literally, hundreds of products are vying for their short attention spans. Therefore, focus on the most appealing benefit of the product to formulate the USP. This benefit must be powerful and highly attractive to drive conversions. A strong claim for a product will perform well on Facebook.  

Don’t Forget the Actionable Language

In Facebook ads and posts for the product, always use actionable language. That is, language that gets the user to take an action. Verbs like “buy”, “click”, or “share” is actionable. They make people want to do things. Include action verbs to get users to interact with your product or brand on the social network.  

Entice with Free Stuff

Facebook users like nothing more than free stuff. That’s why giveaways are so common on the platform. It’s never too late for your product to get on the giveaway bandwagon as well.  

Use Emotional Triggers

This is an old advertising technique that works almost too well on Facebook. Emotional triggers include invoking feelings of excitement, anger, or happiness. Customers are more likely to purchase a product that has an emotional appeal than a product that doesn’t. It’s basic human psychology. Facebook is the best platform to deploy this tactic and expect marvellous results.  

Use Video Testimonials 

Facebook users prefer to listen to other users, not directly to brands. Using customer testimonials in ads is particularly effective in generating interest between the customer and the product. While written customer testimonials can be included in Facebook ads, video is even better. More and more people are accessing Facebook on their smartphones or tablets. Handheld device users are more likely to watch videos than to read. So use video testimonials to increase likes, shares, and conversions for your product.  

Use the above methods, and your product will be able to conquer Facebook.  


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