Online Blogging Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Does your business currently own a blog? Is it not going the way you hoped it would? Then here is a list of things that you could be doing wrong:

Your Posts are Too Long

If your blog attracts traffic, but has trouble retaining the traffic, it’s most likely due to boring posts. There are several ways a post can be boring. The most common reason is that the post is too long. You may think it’s a good thing to write 1,000+ words on any given topic. Your target audience might not think so. Web users want to read your blog as soon as possible and move onto the next interesting thing. Therefore, keep you blog posts short around 500 words.

Your Style of Writing is Boring

Another reason blogs have trouble retaining readers is because the style of writing is boring. Most businesspeople are used to a technical or academic style of writing. Don’t use this style on your blog. Instead, you should use a semi-formal style of writing to interest readers. Complex concepts should be simply explained. For inspiration, read online newspapers and magazines. Write to adopt an easy-to-read writing style like a journalist.

Bad Web Host

Some blogs run into technical issues that cost them readers later. Sometimes, you may post something that really goes viral, but you have a basic plan so the servers don’t have enough bandwidth to handle the extra traffic. Then your blog goes offline or ends up really slow. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a plan befitting the CMS you use. For example, find an excellent Drupal hosting provider suitable for business if you blog is using Drupal.

You Don’t Post Enough Pictures

Web users want to see, as well as read. So, post pictures and videos with your blog posts to engage readers. It’s like picture books little kids read. They like the text more if there are accompanying pictures. Therefore, buy good pictures or take unique pictures by yourself to post on your blog.

Shared Hosting

If you share servers with a dozen other companies, it could cost your blog. Therefore, get a managed Drupal hosting plan, or a similar service for another CMS. The cost is justified by the benefits.

You Link to Dubious Sites

Do not post links to dubious other sites. Your blog could get flagged as spam. Therefore, build your online credit by posting links only to credible sources, like government sites, research papers, newspapers and so on.

Take a careful look at your blog. Are you making mistakes similar to the above? For more information, refer to

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