Tips To Help You Get Your Start-Up Off The Ground

Every year hundreds of thousands of new business are started. Generally these are all premised around very good ideas and with lots of sound planning and thought behind them. But despite all of this, many of these businesses fail, or at best scarcely get off the ground. There are many reasons behind these failures, sometimes businesses are ahead of their time, sometimes the planning is simply not good enough – we all know that optimism does not constitute a business plan and sometimes it is down to bad luck. The truth is there is no secret to success, but there are certainly things that can help to aid success. Here is our list of handy tips to help you on the road to success. 

Partner with the best 

A business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, it’s part of a massive commercial ecosystem, and if you want to be the best you should try to partner with the best. If your new business needs a website don’t get somebody to build you one on the cheap, working afterhours from their basement. If you are starting a restaurant make sure your suppliers of away from home products like toilet paper and napkins are from a market leading company like Livi Tissue. It’s these seemingly insignificant partnerships that can make or break a new business.  

Attention to detail 

It’s one thing to have a master plan to take over the world, but if there is no attention to the detail then sadly it is almost certain to fail at the first hurdle. Two hotels can have the same rooms at the same prices, but the one with the fancy mint on the pillow or the stylish multifold paper towel dispenser in the bathroom is the one that is going to get more repeat business than the other. It really is as simple as that, make sure your clients feel that they are getting the very best value for their money and they will be return clients. 

Keep a high profile 

People love owner run businesses and if you, as the owner, keep a high profile, you will do well. Not only do clients want to feel like they are getting the attention of the top dog, your staff will also be extra attentive and diligent if you are around. They will watch and learn from you and start to act in the way that you do, and treat clients as you want them to be treated.  

Get your staff on your side 

Just because you have a great idea, doesn’t mean that you have to implement it all by yourself. Find a way to get your staff onside and to incentivize them to perform and show initiative. A performance bonus is a great way to go. In short it means that if the business wins then you can all win together. It gets you all onto the same page and does away with the idea that they are just working to make you rich. And while you may be carrying the financial risk and be the creative spark behind the idea, it’s pointless pretending that you can make it happen without happy and inspired staff – so do what you have to, to get them onto your side.          

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