Hit the dirt with the right gear on

When getting involved in the wonderful world of motor racing, especially that which is done on two wheels, you really want to make sure that you are appropriately kitted out and equipped when hitting the dirt hills and tracks around your area. The last thing you want happening is falling off the bike and hurting yourself, which could have been avoided had you donned the right uniform and gear that will look after your skin and bones. So, now is not the time to delay if you are thinking about getting onto a motorcycle sooner rather than later. Act now, and you won’t be sorry later.

Protect your pip

Of all the motorcross gear 4bp Racing has to offer these days, the most important has to be the helmet you are going to put on your head. If there is one part of your body that effectively or arguably requires the most protection, it’s the thing that houses your brain and your precious, good looking face. The structure of the dome that goes around your head and the visibility ratio of the visor that wraps around your face need to be in tiptop condition for your to feel truly comfortable with the entire arrangement – and confident when you get on the seat of your bike to go for a race or a practice.


Your hands and fingers, naturally, also need a large amount of protection. If or when you come off the bike and fall, your arms are the first things that will go out in front of you in an attempt to ensure a relatively soft landing. This can be undone if your gloves are not up for the salvation, though, and instead rip straight through and give you injured hands. So look at your motocross gloves online, and make sure they are able to withstand the pressure of crashes.

Knee guards

You want to look after the joins in your legs too, among them your knees. So get some guards that fit well and won’t crack when you land on them. Well, yes, they can crack – but your knees must not. If the guards are broken in the process of the fall, then they are largely doing their job. You’d rather have something replaceable broken than your body hurt. That’s where the structure and integrity of the knee guards are important. Don’t go for cheap and plastic ones. Get ones that cost a fair bit but are well worth the spend.


Under all the armour, you should have a good pair of riding pants too. As well as offering you style and attraction and more real estate for potential sponsors to house their brands, they will give you extra protection in the event of an accident. They need to be comfortable and of the right size. Don’t get them to big or too small, as both can restrict your ability to have a really good ride. You want just the right fit to settle into, so that you look and feel good when you are behind the handlebars.

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