Wonderful Water And Its Many Uses

Along with oxygen which we need to breathe, water is probably the single most important substance on earth. As much as we attach value to things like gold and diamonds, it has been said many times before that if and when there is a third World War, it will almost certainly be fought over water. Water is essential for drinking and we cannot do without it, but it has also been used for so many other things that we simply take for granted in our everyday life. Here are a few examples of how and where it is used that we probably never think about. 


Smoking the modern way 

One of the fastest growing trends these days is the rise of the electronic cigarette. If you wanted to start you could go and buy vape pen online. You would also need to buy vape juice. The vape here is short for vaporizer Australia and this can, although it doesn’t always, contain water. You wouldn’t think it but now days when people are smoking, be it electric cigarettes or hubblies, there is a whole lot of water in the mix, something you wouldn’t normally associate with cigarettes. 


Let’s not forget the Industrial Revolution 

It was the invention of the steam engine by James Watt that dramatically changed the world and led to what is now known as the Industrial Revolution. Up until the arrival of the steam engine progress had been slow yet steady, but with the arrival of the steam engine and its ability to power things like locomotives, pumps and turbines suddenly the rate of progress escalated exponentially. Old school power stations that are coal fired use steam to turn turbines, produce was pulled to market by steam trains at a considerably faster pace than by horse and cart and steam powered boats could progress much faster and more consistently than their wind powered predecessors. In short, the world shrunk and production speeded up thanks to the harnessing of steam power. 


You don’t notice it until it’s gone 

We use water for so many day-to-day things that we quite simply take for granted – until we no longer have it. Residents of Cape Town in South Africa recently experienced a crippling drought which left them unable to flush their toilets or bath. They were restricted to the use of fifty litres of water a day and reports from inhabitants of the city suggest that only once they were no longer able to do the basic everyday things that rely on water did they really come to appreciate it’s true value. 


Cooking made easy 

Cooking with water is so simple and easy. Be it boiled eggs, tea, steamed vegetables or soup in a cup, all that is needed to produce something tasty is the addition of some water and a degree of heat. Even a good old-fashioned sorbet uses water as a substitute for cream for those who are looking to be a little healthier with their choice of dessert.  

The truth is quite simple really, water is everywhere, we need it and we cannot do without it. Appreciate it!

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