Nailing The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

When it comes to clothes, style and fashion in general, personal selection and preferences naturally come into play. Though once humans wore just skins and fur, today we are seeing a dizzying array of options and all sorts of new styles and fashion statements making their way towards us every year. Amongst the multitude of clothes available, swimsuits are also a head-scratcher, and choosing the right fit for each individual body type is a littler trickier than working with say, a cotton dress for example, especially for women. You want the rip curl swimsuit to provide enough support, not suddenly come off in the middle of a swim, and in general look good. The first step here is to start working with yourself.  

Identify Your Body Type 

Just like there are different hair types and face shapes in the world, there are also various body shapes. These include pear, hourglass, apple and banana. Interestingly enough, only one of these is not a fruit. Although if it did make you peckish, fruit probably also the best snack option you can go for! Getting back to the point, you need to figure out which of these you fall into. Once you have identified your body type, (feel free to enlist a close friend to help you be doubly-sure of your conclusion), you can now start shopping for swimsuits.  

Be Comfortable 

Okay so, this is more important than anything else, mainly because if you are uncomfortable trying them on, nothing is going to look good no matter what you do. So if you hate shopping by yourself, take someone you can depend on with you, and get rid of any unwanted hair if that makes you feel more self-conscious. You want to not just invest in a functional swimsuit, but a swimsuit that also looks fantastic, be it h cup swimwear or any other type. Walk around in it, jump in it and be active in general, so you can see how comfortably it fits on you no matter what you get up to.  

Research A Few Stores 

You will have enough confusion as it is, so why add to it without doing any research? Swimsuit stores come in varying capacities, so you should pick a few that seem to be most in line with your preferences. For instance, some specialize in sportier swimsuits, and others are more about streamlined bikinis and more glamourized options for lazy, beachside relaxing. If you swim at a competitive level, then it is obvious which store you need. Researching in advance will save you a ton of hassle, including personally visiting each store only to be told they do not have what you are looking for.  

Play With Colours And Fabrics 

Once you get the structural technicalities out of the way, it is time to have a bit of fun with the whole thing. Now that you know what type of swimsuit fits you best, you can move onto experimenting with different colours and fabrics and see which work for you. Some hues may be more partial with your skin tone, and some fabrics may not work well with sensitive skin for instance. Remember though, what matters is the purpose of the swimsuit. So the chances of you wearing something super bright and summery for a tournament is quite minimal, provided of course, you remember this golden rule.  


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