Benefits Of Living Near A Beach

Living near a beach doesn’t just provide you with a wonderful view to wake up to every morning, it’s also been scientifically proven that living close to the sea or ocean can also have a huge, positive effect on your health and well-being. If you are considering buying a property near the beach to live in, there is a huge range of benefits that can be gained from this.


Living close to the ocean and the beach can help to you to be more relaxed. That feeling of complete relaxation that you get when sinking your feet into warm sand is most definitely not in your head, and if you’re looking at beachfront properties Whitsundays, you can be assured that you’re definitely going to benefit from the relaxation factor. The ocean has been proven to improve well-being, reduce anxiety, and inspire creative thinking – all great reasons to go ahead and by that house near the beach.

Be More Active

Living near the beach is a great way to encourage more physical activity, as the beautiful surroundings will encourage you to get out and exercise more. Whether you simply go for a walk along the sands each morning or get up for a swim in the clear blue waters, having it right there at your doorstep is certainly an excellent benefit for anyone who wants to become more active.

Fresh Salt Air

Fresh sea air is one of the best smells around, and breathing in the salty sea air is also great for your health, doing wonders for your respiratory system and having health benefits for anyone who suffers from conditions such as asthma, sinus pressure, bronchitis, or coughing. Just one day at the beach can help those with these conditions to notice a difference, so if you’re struggling with one of these health problems, living in a beachfront house could really help to clear it up. Air at the ocean also contains hydrogen ions that are negatively charged which help to absorb oxygen and improve the balance of serotonin levels, resulting in an increase in energy and less depression.

Vitamin D

Living near the ocean is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D from the reflection of the sun off the sand and the sea. As long as you ensure that you’re fully protected by sunscreen, getting some sunshine every day is definitely great for your health. Vitamin D from the sun works to improve autoimmune protection, increase endorphins, lowers the risk of cancer and improves bone health. Research has shown that skin still absorbs vitamin D from the sun, even if you’re smothered in SPF50.

Salt Water Swimming

There are few greater natural healers in the world than salt water, and swimming in the sea regularly can have huge benefits for your health. Swimming in the ocean enhances the immune system, boosts circulation, and helps to keep your skin hydrated. Seawater which is rich in magnesium has also been proven to help relax muscles and induce sleep, making it a great healer for sufferers of insomnia. Not to mention that swimming is also one of the best forms of exercise.

Living near the beach is not only great for your views, it’s also fantastic for your health! If you’re thinking of buying a beachfront home, you can be assured that it will improve your life in more ways than one.

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