Tips For Creating Winning Tinder Profiles

These days if you are single then you are almost certainly on Tinder, or thinking about going there. And Tinder is an interesting place if you can get it right, a land of hope and excitement and meeting new people. But similarly it can be a sad and lonely place if you don’t nail it. You want to have the right profile pictures and the right biography as well. It’s about presenting yourself as an attractive option but it’s a fine balance between being modest and charming and arrogant and over the top. Here’s a quick guide to getting that balance right. 

 Make sure the pictures are good 

Just because your pictures look good on your phone doesn’t mean they look good on a tablet or a computer screen. Use proper pictures that have been taken by a professional, or at the very least, get pictures that have been taken with a good camera. If you picked up an injury you would go to The Sports Injury Clinic to get some dry needling, you wouldn’t ask your mother to poke you with her knitting needles. The same logic should apply to the quality of pictures that you are going to use on your profile, make sure they bring out the best of you. 

Don’t oversell 

Leave a little to the imagination. There is no need for your pictures to show you in a state of semi-undress. Bulging biceps or bikinis are completely unnecessary, unless you are wearing your medal for being the best personal trainer Mornington has ever known or brandishing an Olympic bronze while in your Speedo. Rather hint at what lies underneath the clothes. If you are built or buxom people can work it out, you don’t need to slap them in the face with the obvious. Part of the joy of meeting somebody is discovering things about them. 

Group photos are not good 

It’s okay to have a picture of yourself with other people, that’s cool. It says that you have friends and that you are not a complete loner. But it must not be the first picture that people see and there must not be too many group photos. A potential suitor must be able to work out who you are immediately. If it is a case of trying to work out which person is the common denominator in a series of five group photographs, then you have already lost the battle. 

A bio is important 
It is vital that you actually write a little bit about yourself. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean there is no value to words. Give a hint about who you are and a little insight into the person behind the picture. It can be the difference between a left and a right swipe so spend a bit of time thinking about what to say – and be genuine, there really is no need to try too hard to be funny or clever.      

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