Choosing The Right TV Cabinet For Your Living Room

We spend most of our times in living rooms while we are at home. While we are free to blithely make a mess of our bedrooms, the living room interior can never be taken for granted, for it depicts the family’s ethos and values. Imagine, then, the importance of the object that is central to the existence of your living room. Undoubtedly, TV has long been consecrated as the living room king, which sits on its coveted throne called the TV cabinet.  

Sure, perfecting the TV place aka living room throne is an uphill task. First you need to decide upon the TV screen size according to the room dimensions. Apart from focusing on size, you need to select options between HD, Curved, 3D, LED and myriad other factors. Once you are done with this, you’ll now have to find a TV cabinet that compliments the room decor. Whether to place the TV on the cabinet or installing it inside the wall bracket will become tough to choose. If you go with the former option, you’ll need to choose between wooden case and glass cabinet, depending on the overall feel of the house. Here’s how to perfect your TV cabinet choice: 

Look for TV cabinets with doors and a wall mount 

If you have a flat plasma TV, going for flat screen TV cabinet with doors and a wall mount will be a great idea. We are living in the epoch of space optimisation and cabinets offer just that. Regardless of the size of the living room, nobody would mind carving extra space out of anything. Contemporary interior designing and planning feature space utilisation as one of the most important functional aspects to consider. And who would deny the exquisite view of a wall mounted TV in a modern house? Indeed, a wall mounted TV almost always looks better than a TV placed on a stand. Another convenience that comes with TV cabinets with doors and wall mount is that they can be found in practically any material. You can go for wooden material storage cabinets to give a traditional look and glass material if you live in a trendy home. 

Bring a cabinet that goes with your decor 

Now that you have decided to prefer the cabinet over the wall bracket, you must find a cabinet that sets the tone of – or at least compliments – your existing room decor as well as the overall look that you are trying to achieve. Freestanding glass cabinets which have smooth and crisp edges are what many Aussies are looking for nowadays, especially those whose homes give a decadent feel. On the other hand, if your house oozes vintage vibes, you would do well to look for wooden cabinets that will outshine the modernity of your TV. As you are definitely going to add speakers and gaming equipment to mix around your TV area, your TV cabinet must also be able to conceal the wires.

Key features of your TV cabinet 

In Perth, TV cabinets can easily be found: smaller and bigger, plain and stylish, and modern and classic, displayed in myriad furniture outlets. But you will never be able to choose a perfect piece for your living room unless you are aware of its features such as its weight, size, safety measurements, capacity and the likes. The choice between assembled and ready to be assembled cabinets has to be made depending on your convenience, before moving on to scrutinising other important features.  Ideally, the abode of a 42-inch plasma LED should be TV cabinet that can support up to 70Kgs, is IR friendly, contains cable management system and has tempered safety glass, if need be.   

Choosing a perfect cabinet for your TV in Perth involves finding your nearby retailer as well (pun intended). And life would become all the easier if you can purchase made to order furniture Perth to suit your requirements. Fremantle houses a mammoth furniture store-cum stadium where you can find and even design a TV cabinet according to the aura and size of your living room.



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