Easy Angles To Help You Earn While You Study  

If you don’t have any qualifications or business contacts or work-experience then it can be very difficult finding a job. The job market is a very competitive place and getting your first break in an industry that appeals to you and one which can be the home to your career is not easy. Sometimes you have to be tactical about it and come at the problem from a different angle. Maybe you need to study first. But studying requires money for fees and it takes time. So what jobs are out there that you can do, which will still afford you enough time to study but earn you enough to be sustain you and make the slog worthwhile. Here are a few potential gigs that could be worth considering. 


Flex those biceps 

People tend to shy away from manual labour, but if you are young and fit you should consider playing to your strength. Physical work certainly balances itself nicely alongside the mental focus of studying. So be smart and do a little research. You want something that is close to home, so go online and search for something like furniture movers Hoppers Crossing. What you will find is a list of furniture removalists Altona who will almost certainly have a need for hired help from time to time. Send them your CV or pop in and say hello. You might be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they call you back. 


Everyone must eat 

It is the single biggest vocation for single women without college degrees in America – it’s waitressing, and while it is hard work, almost anyone can do it. It also tends to work on a casual or freelance basis which means if you are good at it and the tips are good, you can get away with not having to work too often while still putting food on the table and being able to pay for your studies. Remember if you do end up working as a waitron, eye contact and a degree of physical contact (hand on an arm type of thing), have been shown to be effective in eliciting bigger tips! 


Get those wheels turning 

If you have a car you need to use it to earn. It might not be the most glamorous work, but it can help you earn very nicely. Think things like Uber or Taxify or even the far more basic pizza delivery angle. The point is, if you have a car you have a very valuable asset and you need to use that asset as smartly as possible to ensure that it is working for you and not the other way around. 


Curtain call 

Look to get involved in the video and commercial space by going to talk to a casting agent. This doesn’t mean that you have to become an actor or actress, we are talking about work as an extra. Every fight scene needs people in the background, street scenes need passers-by and stadiums need to be filled if that is the angle. Those people who you see in the background in movies and commercials are all paid to be there and it could be you. Sure, it’s not going to make you fortunes, but it is fun and it will pay the bills and it might lead to something a little more featured and prominent, and if that is the case then you earn well!    



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