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Best Forklift Sales at Flexi Lift Australia!

If you are looking to buy a good and reliable material handling source then you can go to Flexilift Australia without any hesitation. The company is providing their forklifts to small, medium and large industries that too in an affordable price to the logistics departments. They are not only dealing in new forklifts but also in refurbished models also they have variety of forklifts including VNA forklifts made according to the nature of industry from large one coming down to warehouses.  

Flexilift is dealing in a vast range of products but they specializes in VNA forklifts. VNA (very narrow-aisle) available in different sizes and specifications according to the needs of customer. On the other hand, they are the only distributers of articulating forklifts, it is a cutting edge and ergonomic truck that is setting some new warehouse and logistics trends in Australia. 

Models and Brands:  

Flexilift is offering a wide range of new and used forklift for sale. They are offering their products with the following brands:  

  • Alto 
  • Hyundai 
  • Sidewinder 
  • Aisle Master 
  • Komatsu 
  • Toyota 
  • Nissan 
  • Mitsubishi 
  • Samsung 

Customer Focused services:  

Not only their products are of good quality but they also believe in customer satisfaction so they are offering a showroom where anyone can come and view their products to buy, Another important thing is that they don’t leave their customers after buying from them but they are available 7 days a week on their services in shape of technicians and service vehicles and they can even supply you the lifts and spare parts at your desired place. 


Having more than 70 years of experience Flexilift offers a big variety of warehouse and logistics goods. They provide a vast range of used and new forklifts all around Melbourne. Some of their prominent and unique services are given below:  

Site Survey:  

Flexilift offers help of their experienced technicians and specialists. They will set a site survey which will help you in future aspects like maintenance, aftercare and financial solutions inside your budget.  

Short and Long Term Rental:  

If you need a forklift for some time and not for always then you don’t have to buy a forklift, you can just hire that for long term or short term according to your needs. You can get it on lease which ranges from one day to 5 years and that can help with used forklift for sale changes in business needs. Forklift apartment lets in you to attempt out new substances managing equipment, or economically manipulate short-time period necessities for specialized vehicles, together with articulating forklifts. 

After Sale Services:  

Flexilift not just leave you after selling you their products they make sure that you get enough educated to handle it with full safety, once you purchase from them their sales personal will train you to handle the forklift. 

Leasing and Finance: 

You don’t have to buy a forklift if you need it for a limited amount of time, now with the help of flexilift you can just get it for a long or short term rental. According to their lease and finance policy you can hire it for minimum one day and maximum 5 years and you can hire forklifts in Melbourne according to your financial situation.  

Servicing and Safety: 

Every year we hear about a lot of accidents take place in workplaces and a lot of forklifts get destroyed so the company is more focusing on the servicing and safety of the customer or the driver who is using forklift. The owner of the hirer is also responsible for any defect in forklift and it’s his duty to rectify it in a reasonable period of time.  

Forklift License Testing: 

Forklifts are very sensitive and need some experienced handling. Employers of the workspace needs to be educated and trained under national work Safe standards. Flexilift ensures that their trainers teach and train the forklift operators well so they can get the best of their products and can prevent any accidental damages. For training purposes company has introduced a training course which includes: 

  1. Workplace health and Safety 
  2. Forklift 
  3. Pre-Safety forklift Checks 
  4. Safe forklift driving Checks 
  5. Pre- Exam Preparation  

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