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What are the Different Types of Crimes and Why do We Hire a Criminal Lawyer?

We know that people commit crimes out of anger, unintentionally and sometimes intentionally. No matter, what makes them commit a crime, it is unacceptable. They are bound to get the punishment. As an ordinary person, we can’t give them punish either we get the justice unless we have to knock the doors of the state and seek justice. Conveyancer in Perth plays a vital role in taking the voice to the judge.   

There are many types of lawyers, and we have to hire them according to the circumstances. For example, if we are facing some issues with the spouse, then we have to contact a family lawyer. If we have a problem in the distribution of property or our partner is causing some issues, then we have to visit the property lawyer. Likewise, if we have got an accident and, purely, the mistake is from the opposite side, then it is a crime. We have to connect to the criminal lawyer. 

If we specifically talk about the criminal lawyer based in Perth, they deal with the following issues. 

  • Rape 

Rape is a pure crime. Rape can be an attempt on either gender. There is no limitation of age. Some people attempt to rape on toddlers and young girls. If one party is not agreed to sleep together and another person forcefully tries to take advantage of the minute, then he is committing a crime. A rape victim can case on him. 

  • Torture 

Torture also comes under the umbrella of crime. If someone is forcing to do a work in which a person goes out of his will to perform the task, then he is committing a crime. Moreover, if a person has bound other person to do the things which are illegal or physically abuse him, then it is said to be a crime.  

  • Murder 

Taking someone’s precious life is no less than a crime. A person who thinks that he has a right to kill someone then, he must know that he has to undergo strict punishment which is already set by the state. Once, the charge proves on him, he sends to a jail. Moreover, there are chances that he would hang to death. 

  • Drunk Driving 

Driving while drunk is also a crime. Accidents can happen in the state of drunk. The rules clearly stated that a drunk person can’t drive on the road. He can kill someone or can be responsible for a major accident. 

  • Enslavement 

Keeping young kids for slavery who do not reach the puberty is a crime. They are innocent and can’t bear the pressure and load of work. They have to live their life to the fullest. Some people like to keep them as servants for doing small tasks at home. It is illegal. 

  • Forces to Convert Religion 

Many groups force people to change their religion. Conversion can only happen if a person purely wants it. Anything that is done with the pressure is illegal. 

  • Harassment at the Workplace 

Harassment at the workplace is a common crime. The upper-tier thinks that they can do whatever they want to the people of the staff. They forget that the staff has all the rights to claim and charge against them. 

Many factors push us to seek the help of criminal lawyers. A few reasons are given below. 

  • Know-How of Laws 

They have a detailed know-how of the rules, regulations and laws. They can make a charge sheet according to the laws against the guilty. They represent our consent in front of the court. They also play the role of a conveyancer. 

  • Do all the Paper Work 

Paper work in mandatory before heading towards the court. A detailed list of all the allegation and signatures have to present in the court. If one thing is missing then, there are chances that we lose the case. So, we have to hire professionals. 

  • Public Relationships 

They have a good relationship with their colleagues and other people who can help in defending the victim. They can make all the necessary arrangement with the help of people. 

Four lions legal has been offering all kind of laws services to the citizens of Australia. So, if you are looking for reliable lawyers then contact us. We are here for you. 

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