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Making our homes airy and energy efficient.

When we think of an open, welcoming space the first thing that comes to mind is a bright, open and well lit room with greenery. Whatever else we may choose to add to this depends on our personal preference but the fact stands that to make a place seem truly welcoming, all we need is a little bit of light. We don’t need to be experts in environmental psychology to realize the immense importance that light plays in making our mood better and healthier. No one wants to live in a place that is depressing, dull and bleak and no one wants to be living in a place only lit by artificial lighting as well. Sunlight can make our surrounding feel much more vibrant whereas artificial light only creates a dull, almost institutional environment. Sunlight can give us great energy and can also provide us with a healthy, much needed dose of vitamin D. whether it’s a work place, school, or our home the truth is that we need a good dose of sunlight in order to stay productive and happy. Of course, the added benefit is that having sunlight streaming in can make our space look infinitely better.  

Problems with conventional windows 

However, the problem with modern cities is that some neighbourhoods, especially those in the central city can get extremely crowded. This can mean that all the houses in any lane can be clustered extremely close together. With all the houses boxing each other in, it makes sense why so many people these days are opting to skip adding windows to their homes. In such a situation, windows can only mean that either we get a chance to look inside someone else’s house all day, or someone else gets to open their window and look back at us. This lack of privacy can be extremely overwhelming and it can feel incredibly claustrophobic to open the window and look back at someone’s house or a brick wall.  

Skylights to add beauty  

The easy solution to all this however can be to get a window that’s slightly non-conventional – the skylight. To be fair, skylights have been around for ages now but for some reason haven’t really been extensively used when it comes to houses, perhaps because earlier on there were no problems with getting traditional windows. Skylights are windows placed on our roofs and these can really change the whole look of rooms and make them seem more open and well lit, as well as incredibly creative and chic. These skylights can really help us get our fair share of ventilation and lighting, without ever adding to the cramped atmosphere. In fact, having a strategically placed skylight can make our homes feel much more open and beautiful. Aside from this incredibly attractive atmosphere, skylight installers based in Sydney can also help us increase the resale value of our homes. 

Save energy with skylights  

Roof windows in Sydney can look great no matter what room we choose to place them in. From the bathroom to the kitchen, lounge and dining room, we can add a skylight almost anywhere. In addition to looking beautiful, skylights can help us save energy as well as they can provide us with an almost uninterrupted supply of light during daytime hours. This can mean that we have to use less artificial lights around our home. Additionally, looking out of a skylight can be an absolutely mesmerizing experience no matter what the weather is. Come rain or shine, you can look outside the skylight and be treated to a breathtaking view of the sky in all its glory. This can be a huge departure from traditional windows, which would only give us a view of someone else’s house or the road, at best. 

At Shire Skylights, you can find the perfect skylights – big or small – for each and every one of your rooms so that you too can have your much needed dose of sunlight. Just adding these simple skylights can dramatically change the appearance of your house and make it seem all the more open, fresh and well ventilated. Investing in these lights can do great wonders not just for your mood, but for the resale value of your home too so get started today.  

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