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3 Signs you need to Visit a Colonoscopist

Stomach-aches are common and we experience them every now and then. Most of the times you would start feeling normal again after taking medicine, or just waiting it out. However, if your stomach pain persists, or comes with other problems as well, then it might be due to an underlying reason that you are not aware of. In the past, the idea of treating such problems related to stomach may have proven to be challenging. But with modern technology, this has also become a seamlessly easy task to do. One of the most popular procedures to diagnose any problems related to the stomach or around your large intestine is called colonoscopy.  

The chances are that you may be aware of what colonoscopy is, however, if you are not then there is no need to worry. It is a simple procedure in which a doctor inserts a colonoscope through your rectum. The idea of undergoing this procedure can without a doubt make you feel uncomfortable, but if it is performed by a professional, then all you are going to experience are mild cramps at most. So, what are the signs that you might have to visit a colonoscopist? How can you benefit through this procedure? Let’s see. 

Consistent Pain 

If you have been getting frequent pain in your stomach or around your rectum, then colonscopy is one of the best procedures to help you know the reason. It is important that such pain is not ignored, the quicker you address it, the faster you can get yourself treated.  

If you have been feeling uncomfortable or have pain or any sort of weird sensation, then colonoscopy can be a great idea. You may first try medicines or consulting your physician, but if you are not able to find results, then they would most likely recommend you to go for colonoscopy as well.  

Prolonged Constipation 

Some people experience constipation more frequently than others. However, with the right medication and making a few changes to their diet, they are quickly able to overcome it. However, if your constipation lasts for a prolonged period of time, then it is a red flag and you might want to visit a colonoscopist. 

Constipation in general can make you feel uncomfortable and if it is not addressed, then it can become a reason for some major issues. To stay on the safe side, if you frequently get constipated, then it is worth getting the advice of a professional. 

Abdominal Pain 

This is something that many people may not think of as too much. Abdominal pain is common, especially if you work out often. However, if your abdominal pain persists, then it might be due to another problem.  

The biggest advantage of undergoing colonoscopy is that there is a great chance it might even help you know the reason behind your abdominal pain. And if there are any abnormalities, then the doctor would be able to help you find a solution accordingly. 

What to Expect? 

People often hesitate with the idea of visiting a colonoscopist, and their hesitation does not come as a surprise. There may be some people who do not have positive views about this procedure. However, colonoscopy is a completely safe procedure if it is performed by an expert.  

If you do plan to go for it, then always make sure you are able to find the best colonoscopist around you so you are not subjected to any problems. 

How long does it take? 

Apart from being painless, another advantage of colonoscopy in Perth is that it does not take up a lot of time. Mostly, if this procedure is conducted by an expert, then they are going to take 45 minutes on average. If there are any abnormalities, then they are going to easily detect them under the given time.  

The main reason why undergoing colonoscopy is recommended is because there are many problems that can easily be resolved through it. On the other hand, if you wait and prolong the issue, then the need for surgery may arise as well in the future.  

Visiting a colonoscopist should be your top priority if you feel any of the symptoms that are mentioned above. So, make sure that you look for an expert colonoscopist in your area, to find a quick solution to your pain. 

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