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Comparison between optometrists and ophthalmologists

We have entered in the second decade of the twenty first century and are getting facilitated with the best kinds of discoveries. The discoveries with which we have been introduced by science and technology have made our lives easier in so many ways. There are some such inventions which have brought revolutionary changes in the lifestyles of human bangs. Even though each and every sphere or filed have been progressed and evolved after the introduction of various technologies but the field of medicine is one such field which has evolved the most among all others. There was a time when people labelled a patient as a possessed one when they were unable to find a cause or solution of the particular diseases. The patient was put into seclusion and was left to die. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where we have been introduced with treatments and cure for almost every possible diseases or deformity. There are different types of doctors who specialize in different body parts. In this article, we will be discussing about the comparison between optometrists in Melbourne and ophthalmologists. 

Eye doctor: 

 A doctor is the person who has attained the degree of bachelors in medicine and science. He has completed his internship and houses job so he is now qualified to practice medicine. Doctors can be divided into different categories on the basis of their specialisation and the service that they offer. There are general practitioners who can diagnose different health conditions and can give the required prescription. Then there are medical specialists and surgeons who can thoroughly examine the root problem of the disease and can operate the deformity as well. The specialist specialises in particular human body parts like a heart specialist specialises in diseases and conditions relating to heart and a neurosurgeon specializes in curing conditions related to nervous system. Similarly, there is eye doctor who has specialised in the field of eye. He diagnoses every kind of eye conditions and can treat it as well. 

Eye deformities and diseases: 

Even though eye is one of the smallest body parts of human body still it can be affected by various infections or diseases. It is an extremely delicate body part and must be well looked after. There is this condition known as a macular degeneration in which the central portion of an eye loses its sight; this condition is mostly common in older people. Then there is an eye condition known as a cataract. It is the condition in which a person starts to see blurred visions. Colour blindness is one of the most common eye conditions about which most of the people are unaware that they are suffering from it. In this condition, a person is unable to differentiate between colours. There are many other eye conditions or diseases besides the previously mentioned. 


Ophthalmologist is the medical doctor who has specialised in the department of eye. He is experienced to diagnose your eye condition and can pin point the disease. After getting to know the cause of disease or eye irritation, an ophthalmologist recommends the medication or if surgery is needed then he opts for the eye surgery.  


An optometrist is not a medical surgeon but he is well educated and well informed about certain eye conditions. He can diagnose your eye sight and can give you the right number of your glasses. He helps to prepare suitable contact lenses according to your eye number. He can tell whether a person is far sighted or near sighted by thoroughly examining him. However, an optometrist cannot operate an eye and cannot deal with every kind of eye disease like an ophthalmologist. 


Ophthalmologist and optometrist both are related to the eye department but there are some differences between the two. An ophthalmologist is the medical doctor who is qualified to diagnose, treat and cure every kind of eye related disease. He can operate the eye as well if needed. On the other hand, an optometrist is the person who is well educated about the eye but he can diagnose and treat only specific eye conditions. “New vision clinic” offer the best services of an optometrists and ophthalmologists. 

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